Mark J.

M&A Advisory Services

We provide both buy-side and sell-side advisory services related to target company research, business valuation, deal negotiation, and due diligence support.

Expert Witness Services

With 40 years of M&A experience, as well as graduate level academic teaching in the field of business valuation, we are highly experienced and well equipped to handle legal support and expert testimony in disputes where business valuation is a significant issue.

Fairness Opinions

For completed transactions, a Fairness Opinion is often needed to ensure all shareholders and decision makers that the financial aspects of the transaction were fair, and unbiased by commissions or any other potential conflicts.

About Morgen Evan Advisory Services, Ltd.

Morgen Evan Advisory was founded in 1992 in New York by Mark Lerner.  This followed a successful career at Merrill Lynch and Chase Manhattan Bank, where he served in his last role at Chase Manhattan as Managing Director, Japan Corporate Finance.

In the last 31 years, Morgen Evan has expanded its reach from its NY headquarters to offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Seoul.    In 2012 we merged our Tokyo business into Mitsubishi Corporation.  According to the 2022 Fortune Global 500 Report, Mitsubishi is the 45th largest company in the World, and the second largest in Japan – a strong confirmation of the quality of our business.

We have also been involved as core members of Oaklins International and M&A Worldwide – the two leading global networks of Merger and Acquisition advisory firms.  Mr. Lerner served as the Chairman of Oaklins, and on the Board of M&A Worldwide for 6 years, through 2022.  Through these association, we have provided our advisory services internationally in more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Additionally, our firm has been affiliated with BB&T Capital Markets in the US, and with Bruno Wu, CEO of Sun Seven Stars Investment Group in China, where we created a China based Joint Venture known as Morgen Evan Redrock.

In addition to providing Merger and Acquisition advisory services, we have also expanded into providing Expert Testimony legal services related to business valuations, and international corporate business, where we maintain strong expertise.

Our firm is committed to providing regular economic and market research to our 2,000+ roster client base via published research materials and our weekly newsletter on China:  The China Alert.   You can join our subscription list by contacting us at:

For further information on our services and how we may be able to assist you, please contact Mr. Lerner directly at