Mark J.

M&A Advisory Services

Morgen Evan Advisory works on providing both Buy-side services as well as Sell-side services, on roughly an equal basis for each. Each side of a transaction has different priorities, different support activities, and different negotiating strategies.  With 32 years of experience in the M&A advisory business, we have the experience to effectively execute our client’s objectives from either side of the table.

Our approach and focus can be summarixed as follows:

BUY-SIDE Advisory Services

  • We work with clients to the end of the acquisition transaction
  • We perform acquisition target research and profiles which meet the criteria of our client
  • MEA approachs targets and designs and implements transactions which will satisfy our clients requirements and are acceptable to the acquisition target(s)
  • We manage the full due diligence process and coordinate all parties (Legal, Accounting, Environmental Due Diligence, and other required services)
  • We manage valuation negotiation, and legal contractual work
  • We remain fully engaged in the transaction until the transaction closes.


SELL-SIDE Advisory Services

  • We work with our clients to the end of the transaction.
  • We start with the preparation of both a summary and detailed “Information Memorandum” on the business being sold
  • We develop target buyer lists, and profiles, in markets of interest to the seller
  • We develop detailed valuation models to provide the basis of pricing to prospective buyers
  • Due diligence is coordinated with the acquiring entity. We develop and manage the data room on the part of the seller.
  • We coordinate with sellers legal counsel to ensure the transaction moves to an expedited closing. We develop and implement the most favorable transaction strategy that will satisfy our Client’s requirements while ensuring that it is acceptable and comfortable to the counterparty.

Our experienced professionals have developed extensive experience in handling the unique issues that arise from cross-border, cross-cultural M&A transactions and strategic partnerships.

  • Cultural sensitivities as part of M&A in strategic development
  • Managing the M&A process in more than one language and across multiple time zones
  • Divergent approaches to valuation based upon market and industry sector
  • Managing due diligence in non-transparent environments
  • Guiding clients through unfamiliar legal jurisdictions
  • “Coaching” counterparties who have limited M&A experience
  • Ensuring that dedicated, senior “on the ground” resources are available at all times to our client