Mark J.

Planet China

Mr. Lerner is finalizing a comprehensive book on the current business and political state of China in the world today.  Publication is expected during the first quarter of 2024.


Mark J. Lerner

President, Morgen Evan Advisory Services, Ltd.

Ex Board Member, M&A Worldwide;  Ex Chairman, Oaklins

Adjunct Professor, University of Miami, Herbert Business School

Adjunct Professor, SKEMA Business School (France), Suzhou China Campus


About The Book

In November 2020, the China Communist Party (CCP) published a detailed roadmap for taking on global influence, and controlling the world order during the coming 5 years.  The communique published by Chinese state media, is both detailed, and alarming in its scope. 

Less than a month later, on December 1, 2020, the U.S. government published a 575-page report to Congress which characterized the world’s second-largest economy as a threat to the current international order that has American values at its core.

It added that China’s leaders view those values as a barrier to China’s external ambitions, and is an existential threat to Chinese CCP rule.  The report added,

“Chinese leaders’ assessment of the United States as a dangerous and firmly committed opponent has informed nearly every facet of China’s diplomatic strategy, economic policy, and military planning in the post-Cold War era”.

The report also added that:

“ China has become a bigger mark on NATO’s radar screen”.

Finally, on December 4, 2020, The U.S. Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe warned in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, that China is the greatest national security threat faced by the United States since World War II, and that this is the defining issue of our time.  He further said:

“ The intelligence is clear:   Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily, and technologically. “

China’s defense budget is now the second largest in the world, and its Navy is the largest.  China now has 25 Navy shipyards, while the U.S. has one.

As Napoleon, the military genius and ruthless dictator has been often quoted:

“Let China sleep; when she wakes she will shake the world”

China has woken up.

And the COVID pandemic has provided China with two years of global distractions, allowing the CCP to implement their most ambitious plans for becoming the most powerful country on earth. With that, China has the objective of controlling the world order.

Globalization as we have known it, is over.  Fueled by the coronavirus costs and global supply chain disruptions, the majority of the world’s top 15 economies are now starting to implement economic, trade, and political policies to slow China’s growth.

Will the China CCP 5-year plan out-maneuver the disjointed policies of the West, or will the world come together to stop China in its tracks?

Significant economic change also comes with significant economic opportunities. This book explores the competition of the coming 5-years, and anticipated results.  Who will win, and which countries will lose. But this global competition is not just about economies.  It is also about control of the world’s global institutions, and global policies.

Globalization was once thought to be a win-win situation for all countries involved.  The new world order is now moving in the direction of a zero-sum game – meaning the global transformation and competition will result in a loser, for every winner.

China plans to be the winner.   But what really are their prospects ?